Gilchrist Art Camp

Our Story


Our Story

Lisa Gilchrist Peterson started Gilchrist Art Camp in 2007 with a goal to give children the material and atmosphere that allows them to develop their skills in a professional and fun environment. 

Lisa has a background in both art and child development. Her goal is to bring those two passions together and work with children and develop their artistic abilities, helping all kids see their creativity potential and the importance in expressing it!  

Art Camp is full of energy, creativity, and passion to help further one’s love for expressing art and making friends along the way.

All of our camps are thoughtfully designed to build, create, and reconstruct art through use of found, recycled, and used material, as well as, using professional-grade paints, and fine art products. We use this approach to help develop an understanding of balance between using our resources at hand while investing in quality and craftsmanship. Each week is maxed with as many projects as we can fit in while still enjoying and appreciating the process. 

Camps include: acrylic paintings (done on fine acrylic paper or canvas), encaustic painting (painting with hot wax), print making (in several forms), ceramics, recycled sculptures, collage, themed projects, candle making, soap and bath bomb making, silk screening, tie-dye t-shirts, wood working, glass mosaics, glass fusion, and learning drawing skills, color theory, and many many more artistic skills and projects! Camps also include lots of fresh air outdoor activities, games, team work, and individual practice. 

All of our counselors are hand-picked for their creative and specific abilities, as well as their wonderful teaching, love for kids, all things messy and child care experience. 

Come create!